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Our Rancho Cucamonga Firefighters' Association - IAFF Local 2274 is here for YOU!
Simply click on any icon below to get linked to resources. If you need additional support,
email our PEER SUPPORT Committee at: Your confidentiality
will be upheld to the highest standard. We believe no-one should struggle alone.

Center of Excellence for
Spouse & Family

Alcohol Icon in RED.png

Alcohol Hotline

Anxiety Icon in RED.png

Sign of Anxiety

Fire Marriage Resources

Cancer Icon In RED.png

Cancer Resources

Firefighters First Credit Union

Our Fire Chaplains

Substance Abuse Icon in RED.png

Substance Abuse Hotline

Signs of Depression

Suicide Prevention Icon in RED.png

Suicide Prevention

Off Duty Icon in RED.png

Off-Duty Challenges

Classified Ads


Mental Health Icon in RED.png

PTSD & Mental Health Hotline

PTSD Icon in RED.png

Signs of PTSD

Resouces for FIRE BABIES

Event Schedule & Webinars

Firefighter Discounts

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