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Mike Eddy and Tim Eddy have been our Fire Chaplains for several years and are an essential part of our Association. Their roles include but are not limited to:

  • Listening to and praying with you when you are in need of spiritual support.

  • Providing grief counseling to you.

  • Are open minded and empathetic to you and your needs. 

  • Build deep, meaningful bonds with you that will sustain trust and help you through tough circumstances. 

  • Maintaining confidentiality.

  • Are available to help at all times no matter how big or small your situation may be. 

  • Offer guidance, provide ways to cope and offer devotions to you as often as you need them. 

  • Reach out to one or both of our Fire Chaplains by calling, texting or emailing. If you are using a desktop, simply scan their contact card QR Code with your phone, tap the link on your screen and click the green "call" button.

Mike Eddy Contact Card.jpg
Tim Eddy Contact Card.jpg
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