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Meet your Executive Board


Join our Executive Board

Are you interested in serving on our Executive Board? As 2022 terms close, the following positions are available: President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Trustee, Engineer Rank Rep., Firefighter Rank Rep. Each positions serves for 2 years: 2023 - 2025. Our process to join our Executive Board is as follows: the election process will open in December 2022, you must be in good standing with the IAFF and RCFA - IAFF Local 2274, you can either be nominated by someone or nominate yourself. When voting takes place in December 2022, the Rancho Cucamonga Firefighters' Association - IAFF Local 2274 membership casts their vote. Result are made public 14 days after the election process is opened. If you have any questions please reach out to your current Executive Board. Thank you for your interest to serve on our Executive Board.

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